Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Psychological Rant # 1

Distance is such a strange concept. How can you tell when someone is distant? Of course, they aren't physically so- or maybe they are, but it's never what you are referring to.
A lack of emotion and feeling towards a specific person- that is the textbook definition of "distance".
Such a theme can rule every thought in your life. People grow apart. People grow closer together. Why? Sometimes its unexplainable, a sudden curve which drives someone else away. Surprisingly, we don't cling on to the people of our childhood memories as much as we should.
Sometimes, people are sporadically distant, alternating between "I love you"s and empty silence. Those are the people you should watch out for. It may be a defense mechanism, but naturally puts everyone on edge.
But how strange is it to encounter someone just the day before you kissed on the cheek, to have them treat you with cold indifference? Different people respond in different ways, but they always have a justification; whether the justification is true or not, I can only guess.
Sometimes, its good to outright point out when such a phenomenon occurs, but sometimes, it makes them even more afraid. Fear is ALWAYS the enemy. Once you are afraid, no one will make any progress and will DEgress into cold silence.

It's interesting to think about, what makes you afraid.

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