Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Night

I had acquired a puppy. It was an extremely hyperactive dachshund. As I played with it, it started shrinking.
I put it in a hamster ball to keep it safe while it was running about- however, it would run into walls and one of its many legs would get bent. I look closer and inspect the wheel. There are cracks all over.

This is the point at which I realize my dachshund has turned into a bug.

It DID have many legs...they were all bent in opposite directions. I felt sorry for it, but I couldn't hold it because then I would hurt it more.

I let it out of the hamster ball, and it crawls away. I want to grab it and cup it in my hands, but because it was a bug, I was afraid.

I don't know how it died. All I remember is that it did.

Then, I went up to the mountains to find you in your little cottage. You took the subway to get there. The mountains were always really high and overpowering, the moon almost bigger. It was always terrifying, but beautiful.

For the first time, you weren't home.

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