Thursday, October 8, 2009

A break from teenage angst

All my life, I have dreamed- as in, LITERALLY dreamed- of escape.
More specifically, I've dreamed of escape by city transit.
Subway cars are omnipresent in my dreams and nightmares- they fly over mountains, they go under waterfalls, and they pull in to mysterious outside platforms in the middle of the night.
An A train, a Q; when I'm sleeping I never see them in their natural habitat, underground, but as primary transportation to the different areas of Anika's dreamland.

There has been many dreams in which I got lost- the system is clearly a bit TOO complicated. The buses run slower than time in really, how else do I describe it? What I see when I fall asleep really is a place, filled with different events and other dreams all happening at the same time. Every time I dream it's just another piece to the whole puzzle, and sometimes it won't make sense until months or years later.) and the only real way of getting anywhere is using the MTA.

I could probably draw a map of what I see when I sleep, but I'm sure there would be plenty of blank spaces- those are just the undiscovered areas which I'll learn about later on.

I miss the outside subway in the summertime. I miss everything about the summertime. I miss everything about every life that isn't my current.

(uh oh...there's the angst again.)

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